Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bellevue, Washington

 The city of Bellevue, Washington is much like any other town in America. There are many laws all residents of the city are required to follow. Some laws were passed by officials in Bellevue, or in Washington State, or even at the Federal level. If you an authority has accused you of breaking one of these laws, the punishment you may be facing can be severe. You have a right to defend yourself from this punishment in a court of law, and hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best way to do so.

 When you are being sent to trial for a crime, the government may appoint a public defender to represent your legal interests. These public defenders are often backlogged with too many cases, and even if you are innocent may recommend you take a plea bargain in lieu of going to trial. When you choose to hire your own criminal defense attorney from this homepage, the quality of your representation will improve dramatically. The criminal defense attorney you hire is going to work hard to ensure at the trial you are being fairly represented and your innocence may be proven.

 The burden of proof in your trial is on the prosecution. They must prove to a jury that you are guilty of what you have been charged with, beyond a reasonable doubt. Your criminal defense attorney is going to uncover every stone to look for evidence that proves your innocence. Your criminal defense attorney will also question any witnesses on your behalf to expose the holes and inconsistencies present in their testimony.

 Having a level of representation that will help you be exonerated is going to cost you money in legal fees. The amount of legal fees that you are paying is going to depend on the type of case you have, and the amount of time your criminal defense attorney from Lannom & Williams Trial Attorneys is going to need to dedicate to it. But, paying to get a higher quality attorney will be worth it because it could save you from spending time behind bars.

 If you have been accused of a crime, you have a right to defend yourself and plead innocence. Like every city, the public defenders of Bellevue, Washington have many cases on their table, and will not be able to dedicate a lot of resources to you. But, you can still get great representation by hiring a criminal defense attorney. Know more about criminal lawyers in