Reason to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

 If you are being put on trial for a crime you did not commit, you have a legal right to defend yourself and prove your innocence. The court will appoint you a public defender that you can have help you to do this. However; the public defender you get is likely to have far too many other cases to work on at one time, and will not give you the highest level of legal representation. If you want to make sure you are not convicted, you are going to want to hire your own criminal defense attorney.

 When you have a criminal defense lawyer, they are going to work to make sure that you are found not guilty in court. Unlike the prosecution, your criminal defense lawyer will make sure any evidence that could point to you being innocent is presented to the jury. Plus, your criminal defense lawyer will question any witnesses to find the wholes and inconsistencies in their testimony. Your criminal defense lawyer will also assure that all of the actions taken by the investigators and prosecution are within the law, and none of your civil rights have been broken.

 Unlike a public defender, you are going to have to pay to have a criminal defense lawyer from defending you. The cost of the legal fees you will need to pay are going to depend on a few factors. The amount of time your criminal defense lawyer has to dedicate to your case will determine the total amount you pay. They type of case you have will determine the hourly rate you are charged.

 There are several criminal defense attorneys you could choose to represent you in Bellevue, Washington and the surrounding areas. You want to make sure you look for the firm that is going to have your best interests in mind, as well as one that is within your budget. If you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney in Bellevue, Washington, you are going to be able to find many client written reviews online to help you decide who to hire. Know more about criminal defense lawyers in

 Every American has a legal right to representation when they are being accused of committing your crime. You are going to have a hard time proving your innocence if you choose to use the public defender. Hiring  your own criminal defense attorney will help you to clear your name.